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Global 500 Companies


Maximizng Shareholder Returns with Long Term Strategic Planning


Global 500 companies need to address interests of various stakeholders, and in particular, shareholders. In our consultants’ past engagements and internal working experience with Global 500 companies, we understand that the most pressing demands on management are from shareholders, investment & research analysts who press for anticipated results on a quarterly basis, and from regulators who request for corporate transparency and compliance to regulations.


Apart from these pressing demands, corporate strategic vision, direction and growth strategies are fundamental drivers in ensuring the company’s continual success, or in some cases, survival. Our team has experience working with Global 500 companies as either external strategy consultants or in-house corporate strategists. Embarkley & Company can help resolve major business challenges with the following services:  


  • Strategy
    • Corporate Strategy
    • Business Growth Strategy
    • Market-Entry Strategy
    • Organization Strategy and Business Unit Strategy
    • Business Performance Management
    • Talent Strategy
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Go-to-Market Strategy
    • Digital Strategy (OTO, Omni-channel, e-commerce)
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Costs Reduction
    • Corporate Finance
    • Merger and Acquisitions, Divestures, Carve-outs and Spin-off
  • Business Transformation
    • Change Management
    • Business Transformation
    • Operations Transformation
    • Digital Transformation
    • Outsourcing
    • Executive Placement
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