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Private Equity 


Generating Superior and Outsized Returns for Investors

Embarkley & Company helps private equity firms define investment strategies tailored to each funds’ appetite, geographical focus and industrial expertise. Private equity funds could either opt for bet-and-win strategy investment with minority interest, trusting management to grow their investment, or opt for buy-and-build strategy investment with majority stakes buy-out in which there is active management from the fund management team.

We believe investment strategy is of paramount importance as it is the stepping stone for stakeholders alignement, capital raising, deal sourcing / origination and structuring, value creation and synergy realization strategies, and most importantly, exit.


Embarkley and Company works not only with private equity firms, but also with Embarkley Capital, a principal investment / private equity firm operating in the Asia Pacific region. Embarkley & Company provides the following services to our clients:

  • Private Equity Investment Strategy
  • Deal Assessment
  • Deal Structuring
  • Strategic Due Diligence
  • Business Management of Invested Companies (covering all business areas from corporate and growth strategies and planning, business performance management, talent management, pricing, supply chain management, finance, sales & marketing, digitalization, M&A etc.)
  • Value Creation & Synergies Identification & Realization
  • Post-Deal close 100-day Value Creation Planning
  • Executive Placement
  • Exit Planning

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