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Our People


Our People, Our Assets


As a boutique strategy and management consulting firm, our leadership team and consultants have experience working with senior executives of various type of organizations on topics ranging from business growth strategies, corporate finance, private equity investment, value creation strategies, business development, business performance management, customer insights, pricing, supply chain management, transformation programs for IPO to overseas expansion. Our teams understand the opportunities and challenges our clients face, and devise solutions leveraging on Embarkley's unique hands-on approach to problem solving: Taking ownership of our clients' and strategic partners' problems and issues by walking alongside our clients to eliminate obstacles and challenges and realize anticipated results. Moreover, we strive to strengthen our long term business relationships by celebrating success with our clients every step of the growth and transformation journey.

Apart from working with corporations, our teams also work with non-profits and social enterprises to create a positive social impact and make the world a better place.


Our Values


We put our Clients' Interests First with Integrity and Respect


Our core values are formed with these key building blocks:

  • Putting client's interest at heart
  • Independent advice refraining from client’s internal influence
  • Impactful & value driven solutions and actions
  • Challenge convention to shape the future
  • Integrity and respect
  • Social & environmental Impact

If you would like to explore futher, you may visit our corporate pages at Instagram (www.instagram.com/embarkleyco/) to understand more about our core values articulation.

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