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Medium-sized Business


Looking Beyond your Current Business Landscape

A medium-sized local business signals the business has proven its value proposition to its target customer groups, and has created a stable stream of revenue. Apart from looking at ways to improve profit margins, medium sized businesses need to look beyond its current product offerings, target customer groups and geographical locations to seek for faster and larger growth. Previous medium-sized clients Embarkley & Company have worked with faced a number of questions: where should we look for growth? How do we acquire the relevant organizational capabilities and talent for such an endeavor? Should the organization aim to grow organically or inorganically through M&A, and if the latter, how do we obtain the funding?


We have worked with various medium-sized businesses, and will work with you, to identify areas of growth, to achieve your ambitions, and to fund your business expansion plan. The following services may help you achieve your company ambitions:


  • Strategy 
    • Corporate Strategy
    • Business Growth Strategy
    • Organization Strategy
    • Business Performance Management
    • Talent Strategy
    • Market-entry Strategy
    • Go-to-Market Strategy
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Digital Strategy (OTO, Omni-channel, e-commerce)
    • Business Development
    • Corporate Finance
    • Merger and Acquisitions, Divestures
  • Business Transformation
    • Change Management
    • Business Transformation
    • Operations Transformation
    • IPO transformation
    • Executive Placement
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