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Career Path and Progression


Fast-track is Plausible for those who Out-perform


At Embarkley, we have a transparent career progression path for our consultants from strategy analysts to strategy partners. At each level, there is ample room for growth and a range of opportunities and responsibilities to take up such as: analyzing data to get meaningful insights, breaking down business issues to manageable segments, resolve problems faced by the clients, generating insights into specific industries, managing business relationships with clients of Embarkley & Company, and management of portfolio companies of Embarkley Capital. We have 5 levels in terms of consulting roles:

  • Strategy Analyst (1-2 years*)
  • Senior Strategy Analyst (1-2 years*)
  • Strategy Consultant (2-3 years*)
  • Strategy Case Leader (2-4 years*)
  • Strategy Principal (2-4 years*)
  • Strategy Director/ Partner

*Expected number of years at this this level depending on performance. Cases of fast-track are plausible

Exhibit 1

Career Path

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