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Strategy is Core for Growth and Superior Shareholder Returns

Each organization has its own vision, mission and ambition to achieve the purpose its founders and management teams set. From our consulting experience, these underlying drivers of business are at best loosely defined in terms of business operations and growth, and many times absent. Without much to say, some management team leave the organization without clear direction, inevitably causing mediocre performance and a lack of growth. Therefore, these underlying business drivers need to be redefined, re-strategized and vitalized.

On top of those core underlying drivers, various global, regional and local forces and actions of business counterparts play a key part in determining how an organization should position itself in the market to meet customer needs, respond to competitions, anticipate trends, face challenges and mitigate risks, and most importantly, identify and unlock value that is hidden beneath the surface of an organization.


Embarkley & Company’s strategy consultants have experience managing businesses invested by private equity and principal investment firms and working with organizations at different business life cycle stages, ranging from start-ups, small-to-medium sized enterprises, multi-national corporation (MNC) to global 500 companies. To identify and unlock value, we provide these consulting services:


  • Corporate Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Business Portfolio Strategy
  • Organization Strategy and Business Unit Strategy (Exhibit 4)
  • Business Performance Management
  • Talent Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Market-entry Strategy (Exhibit 2)
  • Customer Insights
  • Digital Strategy
  • Business Development (Exhibit 3)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Costs Reduction
  • Corporate Finance
  • Merger and Acquisitions, Divestures, Carve-outs and Spin-off


Exhibit 1Strategy services

Exhibit 2


Exhibit 4


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