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Take Responsibilities Early

Embarkley & Company runs 3-month Student Internship programs all year-round. We enjoy taking on undergraduate students who have the drive to take on challenges, responsibilities and to create new possibilities. Our past student interns took up responsibilities early, which led to personal and professional growth whilst still studying at university. With challenging strategy consulting work from our clients and portfolio companies of Embarkley Capital, the learning curve is steep and achievements as a student intern can be highly rewarding.


If you are interested, please send your cover letter and resume to talent@embarkley.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sharing from our Interns (Embarkley Alumni)

Winnie Sukkanatt - Strategy Analyst (2017 Intake)
Working at Embarkley & Company was a unique and unforgettable experience. This internship program has provided me with a lot of opportunities to try out different things. Every day was filled with inspiration and I learned a lot from friendly and supportive supervisors, mentor and colleagues. The learning curve is very steep. The organization is very flat that people are keen to teach when you need help and take time to sit down and speak with you.  There is a fine balance between self-learning and guidance and Embarkley does value interns.

Wilson Chow - Strategy Analyst (2017 Intake)
Interned at Embarkley & Co. was a valuable and rewarding experience. Through in-depth market potential analysis, financial modeling and client presentation, I was well trained to think critically and this experience further enhanced my presentation and leadership skills, which are of significant importance to my future career. If you want to experience a steep learning curve, Embarkley & Co. is definitely a perfect match for you.


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