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Private Equity


Shareholder Returns with Unique Value Creation Strategies

Running a private equity firm requires a lot of patience owing to its long-term nature of creating value in its business portfolios and achieving the best performance for its funds to attract existing and potential investors. Apart from consulting other boutique private equity and principal investment firms, we have consulted Embarkley Capital on an ongoing basis to support them in their investment strategies, capital raising, corporate financing, strategic due diligence, business management, portfolio companies’ value creation and exits.


For private equity firms, we provide the following consulting services:


  • Investment Strategy
  • Deal Assessment
  • Deal Structuring
  • Strategic Due Diligence
  • Business Management of Invested Companies (Covering all business areas from corporate and growth strategies and planning, business performance management, talent management, pricing, supply chain management, finance, sales & marketing, digitalization, M&A etc.)
  • Value Creation & Synergies Identification
  • Post-Deal close 100-day Value Creation Planning
  • Executive Placement
  • Exit Planning

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