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Client Overview

The client is a local talent management service provider that provides secondment business opportunities, predominantly to multinational companies and governments. The client also offers permanent position placement. The client had an ambition to undergo IPO transformation to raise capital, as well as enter a new market to diversity its business and grow its revenue stream.


  • The internal capabilities, organization system, and internal controls of the company were not sufficient to support their service development and delivery.
  • Additionally, the company did not have an internal system to effectively identify current and potential market offerings that could have helped streamline their operating procedures.
  • The initial target customer segment was Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), but the extent of customer acceptance and competitive landscape were unknown.
  • The existing capabilities of the company only included providing transactional services with low profits margin. The company lacked any capability to provide strategic service offerings.

How Embarkley & Company Has Helped

  • Embarkley helped the client perform a 1.5 year long project management engagement for: new services launch, organization transformation and change management.
  • Embarkley devised a business establishment plan that included: organization capability development & transformation, business management proposals for execution, and a business results tracking methodology.
  • Embarkley drove the business establishment plan by setting up the project management office, and subsequently tracked business progress through the tailored business results tracking methodology.


  • Embarkley helped the client streamline their new service launch process.
  • Embarkley helped develop a 90-Day new service launch work-plan, enabling the client to launch new services within 90 Days.
  • The client’s B2B business is expected to growth through new market entry and capture over HK$ 37M economic value with over 1000% growth in 5-years.
  • Since providing the 90-Days working plan, Embarkley has acted as a project management office to oversee the implementation process and provide feedback.
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